Our story

We're two guys going after solving a boring and complicated problem.

Four months we had one major issue. There were a lot of UI/Flow issues with each release in my company.

Over the months, we spent countless hours researching, creating an infrastructure.

We had three problems each time.

Enormous time spent in setting up testing infra. It sucks.
Knowledge is required to write tests. It sucks.
Testing is boring. It sucks, but it is crucial. Watch this video

Poor testing can cost lives, to you users, revenue and lot of wasted time. We got frustrated 😡 due to this problem. Going back, we had three questions

- Do we want a stable site? Everyone wants it.
- Do we want to write code to test our code? No one :/
Is QA full proof? No.
- Do I want to make my life easy? Hell yes.
Is testing expensive? A lot.

Our goal is to make "Easy and Powerful testing for everyone." 

In 4 months journey, we built a simple solution for this tedious yet essential task.
We're looking to make everyone's life easy—a tool which they love.

More things to come soon:- Simple API Testing and Mobile APP testing.

To beta test these email us. We'll send you a invite you to beta program with pizza.

For any queries, message, or collaboration, get in touch at [email protected]

- Himanshu and Utkarsh

Our principles

Create a tool we love
Solves a real problem
Makes our life easy

Start for free.
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