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Next-gen testing for modern teams

With crusher's no-code engine, you can

Test UI & user journey across 100+ config without writing single line of code
Multiple browsers
1 click installation
UI & Flow testing
Play sound
Create a test
View reports/Get Alerts
Play sound

Not the old flaky testing or automation

Crusher eliminates the writing boring selecting and managing hard testing infra.

Focus on building great product
We help you ship it to users

Your customer deserved best version of your product. Which can break visually and functionally
because of intern's mistake.
We help you avoiding that error in dev and production.
Multiple Configurations
Testing on single config is never enough. Web is like a wild forest, different spec can results in different outcomes.
We help you test on different device configuration.
UI Testing
We strive for pixel perfect UI but it can quickly deteriorate as small UI changes would go unnoticed. We bring it to your notice when things change.
All major browser supported
Test on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, edge all with one recording.

Previous version and IE support coming soon.
Production monitoring
Know when things break in production.
Run periodically monitoring on your crucial flows like user login, checkout, etc.

Most users spend 120 secs on the site.
You could create 1 test in that time.

An average test takes 2mins to create a test.
Create test

Making you more productive

We built Crusher so teams can focus on their product and leave boring/hard problem to us.

With crusher you're not making both yours and your users life more seamless.

Some features to help you're
Run test in parallel fast
Multiple browsers that allows you to get results on your new build without waiting.
Our swarm of mini-supercomputer occupied with latest CPU and GPU helps your there.
Share reports with your team
Integrate with Github for checks with every commit.
Get alerts on slack/email if anything goes wrong.
Test that work flawlessly
Selectors are big pain in any workflow.
Our selector engine ensures your test work flawlessly without any problem.
Replay video when things go wrong
Get detailed report of how your test was execute.
Share it with your team and solve bugs faster than ever.

Simple Pricing For Everyone

Whether you’re a team of one or a company, start for free. The pricing is base on usage.
For individual and team shipping next
100 mins free use/months
Then plan 10$/hr
Unlimited testing
Multiple Browser
Multiple Version
UI Testing + Other feature
Request access

We’re open source and always free

Our core will always be extensive and free for individuals and small teams.

We earn when we add enough value to your product.
Deploy in one click 😃
Run on any cloud or your local machine.
Recommended size ~4gb ram and 2 core
Deploy now