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Fastest way to test an app

with low-code
Single framework to replace lot of tools, patching and repetitive code.
Create test in mins, rather than days with all-in-one framework.
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Create test
Run test
Test creation in one hour

start testing in a blip

in seconds, test with pre configured framework with all the essentials
install5 secs
create60 secs
run tests5 secs
What is Crusher?

Crusher is a new fast testing framework, it's opinionated and takes a low-code first approach. It's a better alternative to old testing workflows like selenium, cypress, etc.

It's built to focus on 4 main things

- Create and run tests fast
- A better DX, with new APIs, SDK + UI
- Works out of the box for most workflows
- Being the best and all-in-one tool for test lifecycle

The goals of Crusher, is to make testing effortless for new-age builders. It's easy to use and have a low learning curve. With crusher, you should be comfortable in making drastic changes fast.

On features side, crusher includes a recorder, SDK, Infra + batteries. It's open source. Crusher under the hood does a lot of low-level stuff, so you get determinstic tests. Currently, it's in v0.5 and should be stable for major workflows.
Get involved in discord if there's any feature request or any issue.
Using Crusher

run in terminal
opens crusher
run all tests
creating test
test with code
env support
running test
3+ browser supported
Run on push commits on CI
Run test locally
Based on playwright
TS/JS First
Built for teams
+ more coming soon
Quit writing long scripts to create test
Create test fast with crusher recorder. Ditch the old way of writing tests that takes hours.
You can always add code for advanced flows.
without crusher

import { test } from "@playwright/test";

const username = "801953";
const password = "Jm659565";
const url = "";

test.describe("feature foo", () => {
test("basic test", async ({ page }) => {
await page.setDefaultTimeout(0);
await page.pause();

await page.goto("");
await page.fill('[name="evidenceNumber"]', username);
await page.fill('[name="password"]', password);
await page.goto(url);

const elm = await page.locator(".float-start .bg-success");

await".float-start a >> nth=3");

const elementHandle = await page.$("iframe");
const frame = await elementHandle.contentFrame();"button.ytp-large-play-button.ytp-button", {
delay: 100,
force: true

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with crusher
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enter password
click signup
click docs
click submit in iframe
20x faster way to write test
Start with a single command
Quick setup with one npx scripts, Crusher updates automatically to new versions
create test
or download binary